The EKO-WIATR BIS company was established in 2007 by the experienced specialists in the wind energy. Since then the fast development of the company enabled leading a company connected with the general concept of the renewable energy throughout Poland. The scope of our activity includes servicing and performing the comprehensive function of the wind farms and photovoltaic farms operator with its electroenergetical infrastructure, and electroenergetical HV/MV stations, as well as performing the maintenance of devices assembled in each of the wind turbines which should be registered in the Technical Supervision Office. Our company possesses many years of experience in the wind energy, the highly qualified management staff and the team of workers, developing their knowledge on an ongoing basis, warranties the reliable attitude to the given tasks, and performing them on high and professional level in every sphere of the company’s activity. Since the very beginning of our company’s existence, the most important goal, which we try to accomplish and at which we are always aiming, is the satisfaction of the potential customer, the satisfaction of the Investor about the tasks given to us as well as the belief of our professional, efficient and reliable attitude towards realized tasks.

In accordance with the activity of the EKO-WIATR BIS company, the firm hires the qualified workers possessing the appropriate and valid certificates and professional qualifications required by the Polish and European laws, in particular:


  • Building qualifications, in the branch of the construction, road and electrical for managing the constructional works without limits,
  • Qualification certificates given by the Polish Electrical Engineers Association in the scope of exploitation „E” and supervision „D” for the particular type of the devices, grids and electroenergetical installations LV, MV and HV;
  • Training of the Vestas company entitling to independent work on the wind turbines,
  • Training from the Schneider Electric Poland company for the services and inspections of the MV switchgears type RM6 with the protections VIP30 and VIP 35,
  • Trainings from the SONEL company in terms of the measuring devices and performing the electrical measurements,
  • Qualification certificates UDT for the servicing and maintenance of the Handling Equipment in terms of services and maintenance of the platforms, hoists and cranes,
  • Certificates from the Global Wind Organisation,
  • Trainings from the Power Climber Wind entitling to servicing, repairs and inspections of the devices on the manufacturers level,
  • Trainings in terms of HSE and firefighting,
  • Trainings from the environmental protection,
  • Licences in terms of property management.




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