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EKO-WIATR BIS is a company which operates in the field of wind energy throughout Poland. The range of our activity includes the planning of individual wind farms or single wind turbines, supervision of wind turbine construction, preparation of documentation and registration of devices which are part of wind turbines at the Technical Supervision Office. We also offer a maintenance service and assistance with the operation of both newly-built and already-existent wind farms. Our company has considerable experience in the field of wind energy. Qualified management staff and a team of employees who are well-versed in the latest technological innovations ensure a professional attitude to all tasks undertaken. From the very beginning of our company?s existence we have always given the utmost importance to the satisfaction of potential clients and investors. We make every effort to guarantee investors of our professional, efficient and reliable attitude to our business activities.

Eko-Wiatr Bis

ul. Jana Pawła II 52/23 | 98-200 Sieradz

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telefon: 43 822 33 43

Our services

Investment planning

The prime factor when a wind farm or an individual wind turbine project is mooted is the location. From our company?s experience the success of the whole project may depend on the choice of an appropriate location. After the initial location analysis, we offer the investor an optimal solution with a graphic presentation of the turbine foundations. Our team consults the authorities of particular municipalities at appropriate levels and works out a strategy for further action and project development. We identify and make all the necessary applications concerning the given project: Our company also negotiates with the owners of plots which are designed for planned investments on behalf of the investor. We sign pre-contracts and final lease contracts. Thanks to our team?s considerable experience we are able to reliably and responsibly guide the investor through the whole administration process, which ends with the issuing of a wind turbine or wind farm construction permit. We also offer realization supervision on behalf of the investor or building site management commissioned by the general contractor.

Realization supervision

We provide supervision of the construction of wind farms and single wind turbines. Our team consists of highly qualified employees who possess all the necessary building authorizations. This enables us to act as building site manager and supervise construction as regards the building, road and energy fields. If it is necessary we also represent the investor or the general contractor on the building site, we carry out inspections of work in progress as regards its conformity to the project, the conditions of the building permit, the latest technical knowledge and the signed contract. So far we have been the building site manager or supervisor of construction on single wind turbine or wind farm projects with a total capacity of 70 MW. Our activities include the construction of wind turbines along with the whole accompanying infrastructure i.e. access roads together with manoeuvring areas, exits to public roads, medium voltage cable lines and optical fibres.

Registration of devices in the Tso

Because of our long experience in the construction and operation of wind turbines we also cooperate extensively with particular producers of wind turbines. We are specialists in preparing technical documentation for devices which are elements of wind turbines i.e. service lifts, electric chain hoists and pressure vessels. This documentation is required by appropriate Technical Supervision Offices. We take part in overhauls of devices in order to prepare them for registration tests and we also secure the necessary technical support during new equipment reception inspections carried out by the Technical Supervision Office. We offer services in the field of maintenance and compulsory overhauls of service lifts and electric chain hoists. In addition, we carry out the necessary electrical measurement of devices before their first registration and at the customer?s request during the operation of particular wind turbines.

Operation of wind turbines

Our company also specialises in the operation of wind turbines. This includes expert management and administration. We possess considerable experience as an operator of wind turbines. We have all the required permits for performing the above mentioned tasks. Since we are an operator of wind turbines, our employees hold appropriate and valid qualifications in the field of operation ?E? and supervision ?D? of the types of devices, grids and power engineering installations characteristic of particular wind turbines and substations. At the moment our company operates 31 wind turbines with a total capacity of more than 60 MW. All of these turbines are located in the Łódź, Masovian and Greater Poland voivodeships.


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